Station Hiatus and Music Format

Written by on September 23, 2021

It’s been 11.5 years since rockxradio started with the first station. Many changes in those early days have gotten us to a new music first format.
Internet radio as an industry, has come with a lot of turns, both positive and negative. This sometimes is driven by world events as we see today.
What I have tried to do over the last decade, is to keep this station going by investing as much personal resources and time as needed. We see listener numbers are good some weeks while shrinking other weeks. And this seems to be the new climate, that we will see, during and most likely after covid.
Regrettably, the station will be on a hiatus starting Oct 1, 2021. This will be the main RXR stream only. I know this may upset a number of you and I certainly apologize.
What will stick with us the most are the interactions with some of the listeners and DJ’s, that I will always remember and cherish.
However, its time for a new direction.

So what does this mean?
The main station will be offline starting Oct 1, 2021. ***Edit – Offline Date
Return: Approx  Nov 1/2021 to Dec 1, 2021 – nothing is finalized as of yet.
Format: This is type/genre of music: This will be changed. No other info at this time
Radio Shows: Both will be staying as of writing this post.
Donations: Links will be removed. No donations were given in 2021 anyways.  No future donations can be excepted to save the old format.
Social Media:  Twitter has been deactivated for some time.  Facebook remains for now.

This post will be updated with new info as needed.

For now, thank you to all the listeners, DJ’s and stream hosts and above all, the bands who created such amazing music for us to play over the last 11 years.

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