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Written by on April 3, 2021

Currently our apps are released under Nobex Technologies.  Some time ago, Apple changed their terms of service which required a developers account in order to update all apps.  Nobex was no longer able to complete the updates under their developer account.   Since the release of the new iPhone IOS, the app no longer works as its too old.  Unfortunately, this will not change anytime soon.   The reason is strictly budget.  Here is the breakdown:

Apple Developers account:  $90.00 US
Nobex App Transfer:        $90.00 US
Total / CND exchange:      $226.22 @ $1.25 exchange rate
Total Donations in 2020:   $10.00

As you can see we are not in a position to take on that expense.  So at this time please do not use the iPhone app.  Its not going to be fixed or updated in any reasonable time period.  If you click on the iPhone icon, it takes you directly to a weblink that will work on your phone.   You also can use other apps that carry the station.

Our other alternative is to accept a partnership with an investor.   This is on the table but will change the station format and most of you will then need to re-evaluate what station you listen to.  As we have received many inquiries related to the iPhone app as well as other related services, this unfortunately is a money decision at this time and not something we are just withholding.  Stay tuned for additional info over the next few months.

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