About Us

This is a brief About Us page – feel free to contact us if you would like more information

Founded officially in May, 2010 playing all Hard Rock / Metal from 80’s to present.  That changed very quickly as we carved out our niche in the internet radio market with new Hard Rock, Metal & Metalcore for our main rotation.


Specifics About The Station:

Radio Shows:  Currently 1.  LA Lloyd Rock Countdown.   We keep our radio shows to the very minimum number we can.  We understand listeners prefer uninteruppted music.  However, DJ’s are always encouraged to submit their shows for consideration.

Requests:  Currently available by webpage @ https://rockxradio.com or by our Android / IOS apps.  As of this writing they are free for all without setting up an account.  This will change in the future and the reason why below.

Top Requested Songs:   Currently 2 options.  In a recent change, we now only keep track of our requests on a yearly basis… resetting them each Jan 1st.   Also, we post the weekly countdown as offered by LA Lloyd’s Rock Countdown to keep track of the National results.

Contact:  We are very open as a station.  If you have a question regarding music, requests or the station, fire away.  It may take a few days to get back to you, but you shall receive an answer.  Band submissions not added however do not receive a reply.

Financial:  We are solely based on donations.  In Canada, its tight for everyone like other countries.  We do not receive a lot of donations and basically fund all through a day job.  This means some or all of our free services may turn to a subscription model in the future.



Biggest question, and biggest feedback comment over the years is:

You Play a lot of Christian Music; does this mean you are a Christian Station? Are you Christian?

I will try to answer this for you all…

  1. Are you a Christian Station? No. We do however select what not to play.  I’m sure you see some artists new and old that are not part of our playlist and for good reason.  We are not saying those bands are terrible by any means.  We do however have a larger selection of Christian bands in rotation.  End of the day, its great music too that fits our rotation.
  2. Are you Christian? Yes…  We do understand some have explicit lyrics and try to select clean when possible.  We enjoy listening to all music, don’t judge a band or its members, remembering each and everyone one of us have demons to get past… for Jesus is the answer.  The Love of Jesus is like no other you will experience! HIS Grace is Enough!!! 2 Corinthians 12:9
    ~We are here if you need to speak with someone