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Brian “Head” Welch’s hard rock supergroup Love & Death to release live album and DVD of their first performance in 8 years

Love & Death is preparing to release Perfectly Preserved Live, an explosive live album and video recording of their first concert in 8 years. The DVD will be available for purchase at major retailers such as Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Amazon on Tuesday, November 16, with the audio recording hitting streaming services on Friday, November […]


Light in the Dark: “Heavy” by Relent

  I had the thought that someone needs to tell Relent to share, as the Texas nu-metal rockers gear up to release Heavy (their second full length album with Rockfest Records). It’s hardly fair to other bands for Relent to continue raising the bar with this much consistent talent and skill, but they show no signs of […]


Station Hiatus and Music Format

It’s been 11.5 years since rockxradio started with the first station. Many changes in those early days have gotten us to a new music first format. Internet radio as an industry, has come with a lot of turns, both positive and negative. This sometimes is driven by world events as we see today. What I […]

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